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Painting: A Process

Painting: A Process: Project

Project Description

I’ve always loved the craft of painting. In the project, “Painting: A Process”, I want to be transparent about about the conceptual, emotional, and technical development of a painting. This approach is about the importance of pausing, vulnerability, and sharing experience: holding a space that honours process. 

Technically, I am focusing on learning and applying an academic painting approach. This process begins with multiple drawing and painting studies, that carefully examine composition, value, and colour, to design the final image. Additionally, I will keep a journal logging my activity and a verbal record of my reflections during the experience. I will be working together with Atlantic Mediaworks for photo and video documentation of my endeavour.

In my art practice, my subject matter has focused on quiet everyday moments of my life. This will not change; the painting will be a large group portrait of family members lounging in the living room. To prepare for this project I completed a short version of the process. This included two drawing studies and a final group portrait of myself and my step kids in our upstairs hallway.

Painting has been declared dead several times. What else can possibly be discovered artistically about how paint can (or can’t) be applied to a flat (or non flat) surface. But painting is not dead! And the scope of contemporary painting goes beyond creating a masterpiece. This project is about re-examining a painting tradition, academic painting, by taking away the focus on object. It is about creating space to reflect on the complete experience of painting by focusing on process.

This project is made possible through the support of an artsnb Creation Grant, and Gallery 78.

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